Our company provides meticulous one-stop services from consultation on cast iron products and graphite electrode,
consigned production, quality control, checking to delivery.



Q1. What are the sizes handled?
The diameter of 3”-22”, length of 30”-110” can be processed.
Q2. How about the delivery date and order lot?
Our delivery date: within 7 days for products held in inventory at the earliest. Contact us for the order lot, as it differs depending on the size of products.
Q3. What’s the difference between electrodes from China and ones from India?
Generally, electrodes made in China and India are manufactured at local factories with all the procedures from materials sourcing to processing done locally, but our company imports materials only from China and India and processes them at our factories with high precision. Therefore, accidents such as breaking / damaging attributed to the precision level of processing seen in electrodes from China and India will be minimal at us, which is highly reputed among our customers.

Cast iron from China

Q1. What are the sizes handled?
The range of the weight of our products (by our record)): 2g-2,000kg. Main material properties handled: FC150-350, FCD450-800.
Q2. How about the delivery date and order lot?
The delivery date: basically 1-3 months, which can be adjusted according to your needs. Contact us for the order lot which can be likewise arranged.
Q3. What are the main bases of sourcing?
Sourced from about 15 companies centered around Chinese coastal areas including our subsidiary (Dailan Fukutomo Precision Machine Inc.).

Other products

Q1. What other products do you handle?
We have recently begun to deal with cast aluminum / steel, and canned products, all of which have been started for our customers’ demand. Our company promises to find the most suitable factories and provide the most suitable products at appropriate prices that we usually do not handle, according to our customers’ requests.


Maruya brand is that of trust
Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries / quotes on our products such as graphite electrode or customized cast-ifon products. Our experienced staff will without fail cater to your needs (*quotes offered for free).

By phone: +81-93-522-5608, Sales Section

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