Dailan Fukutomo Precision Machine

The company promises the provision of high-quality products based
on the Japanese-style rigorous quality control.

“Dailan Fukutomo Precision Machine Inc.” has been established in Dailan, People's Republic of China, currently called “the world’s factory”, as Maruya group’s base for the development and manufacturing of ductile cast iron products. The factory mainly manufactures ductile cast iron products that are deemed technically difficult to handle in China. Most of its products are for Japanese mega corporations, manufactured to cater to customers’ needs. Its quality control in manufacturing processes is also very rigorous with checking systems equivalent to Japanese domestic ones established, engaging in effective manufacturing activities with the latest, highly mechanical equipment. Its current products include: industrial robotics parts and elevator parts, with it skilled at cast iron products with the weight of around 100kg.

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It manufactures cast iron products with required high precision / high durability in China catering to the global strategies of customers with designing in Japan and overseas production. It is Maruya Industry’s wholly-owned subsidiary, the base for manufacturing cast iron products, which has adopted Japanese-style management / administration to stably provide high-quality / low-cost products.

  1. Managed with high-quality / low-cost, Japanese management style.
  2. Will solve your problems around your sourcing of ductile products (made in China), as a factory specialized in them.
  3. With flan resin sand molding (manually molded) for FCD450-800.
  4. With the manufacturing capacity of 320 ton / month, and molding capacity of 110 frames / day.
  5. About 60 minutes by car from Dalian metropolitan area, and about 50 minutes by car from Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (when a highway is used).


・About 60 minutes by car from Dalian metropolitan area
・About 50 minutes by car from Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport

ZIP 116100 New Road 8, Jinzho Economic Development Area, Dalian